Display Data from MySQL DB

I’m using rrd4j as my persistence service, and this is working well. But I would like to display some additional data from a MySQL database. Is this possible to do? Any tips?

If this is a pre-existing non-openHAB persistence DB you need to create a webpage that displays the information and put it on your sitemap using a Webview.

Thanks for the tip. I ended up using Google Charts hosted on an webserver, linked into OpenHab via a Weview. Worked real nice and scales to whatever screen your view OH on.

Hello Jeff,
I am very interested in using interactive google charts instead of the static PNG charts that comes with OH.
Can you please share your code of how you used google charts?

Well, I didn’t use them to display any data generated in OH. Ultimately, in my case, the data was from a Google Sheet spreadsheet, linked to a google chart, displayed in OH via a webview URL.

The actual use case was logging energy usage via my energy suppliers, and displaying as a chart in OH. Because of the infrequency (monthly at most), I just manually log the data in the sheet, and the chart in OH updates.

Let me know if you’d like more info, I’m happy to share.

Does someone have samples of using Google Chart together with OpenHAB.


It’s pretty simple if you have a webserver setup. My OH server is Ubuntu with Apache2 configured to serve sites as well. In that case, I have some simple HTML pages that draw the charts from google sheets. You can configure these pages from Google Charts for developers. They have templates and tutorials to get you started.

After that, it’s just a matter of linking them in OH via a Webview url in your sitemap.