Display error of group items since update to 4.0.1

Hello togehter,

Since the update to OpenHAB 4.0.1, items that are defined as a group in the sitemap are no longer displayed correctly, the control elements are missing for all items except one and that is always a different one.

Group:Number:Temperature:AVG gTemperatur_soll "Wohnung Temperatur soll [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (gWohnung)
Frame label="Heizung"
        Group item=gTemperatur_ist
        Switch item=gTemperatur_soll mappings=[16="OFF"]
        Group item=gTemperatur_soll

Does anyone have a hint what the reasons are?


This sounds like a regression that needs to be reported in github so that the devs can find a fix.

And you’ll want to file this one on the repository for the UIs: