Display Number of open blinds in locations tab in main UI

Hey there,

I built up my model and almost everything works fine.

Just one thing is driving me crazy.

For the card “Wohnzimmer” the quantity of open blinds is shown. In the card “Küche” it is not.

Could you give me a hint what I did wrong?

Without knowing what code is behind those cards all we can tell is: compare the used code of both cards.
Are the numbers of open blinds really aggregated in both cases?

thanks for replying.

I noticed that the only difference is that in Küche there is only one blind in the group. In Wohnzimmer there are three blinds.

If I assign one of the Wohnzimmer blinds to Küche then the number of blinds is shown.

With knowing this - is it even possible to show the amount “1”?