Display of DateTime from remote OpenHAB server


I am migrating to OH3. Great work btw.:wave: :wave: :wave:

I would like to display DateTime information from a remote OpenHAB server in a sitemap on OH3. (I would like to have the UniFI last seen information displayed).
The local item receives the data, but the line stays blank.

    `Text item=UniFiWirelessClientTim_LastSeen`

Do I need to transform the DateTime element? If so, how would I do it? Can I do it in sitemap?

What version is the remote server?

The remote server is on 2.5.11-1.

@timbms did you manage to solve this? I have similar behavior with remote server running on Openhab 3. All other item types do update correctly.

This was enhanced in recent snapshots so that the channel inherits the remote item pattern.
This was not done in initial 3.0 and so you have to define a pattern for your local item, either on the item or the sitemap widget with a label attribute.