Display power consumption in the mail sent

Hello, I want to write a rule which sends me by email the electrical consumption (I have a smart meter qubino).
I would like to know how to display the electricity consumption in the mail
thank you in advance

How do you send your email?
From a rule with some "my email content text" parameter somewhere, I guess?

So you might substitute something like
"my email content, some text and " + myPowerItem.state.toString + " some Item value."

You need to think about when to run your rule. Maybe every time your Item changes, or maybe every midday.

Here is my rule
rule “Envoi de la consommation electrique par mail”
Time cron “0 */5 * ? * *”
getActions(“mail”,“mail:smtp:gmail”).sendMail(“example@gmail.com”,“Consommation electrique de l’insectarium(en watt)”,“La consommation est de :”+ consommation_insectarium_watt.state +".")

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