Display syntax error from e.g. sitemap in log file?


in the OH Version 2.4 if I produce a syntax error e.g. in a sitemap file, I see in the log file that the file is changed and if an error the hint in which line is the error.
Now in the 2.5 version, this line in the log file are missing.
Why can I check the syntax of file (rules, sitemaps, …) and a hint how is the error?

Thank you!

The syntax check of rules and site maps is most certainly present. When I save a file it says checking xxx file in the log.


Are you an oipenhabian user? I wonder if the default use of zram means you are now looking at the wrong logfiles.

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yes I am a Opehabian User.
Also I use “Visual Studio Code” with the openHAB AddIn, but the editor can’t show me an syntax error e.g. missing “}”

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