Display the magnetic switch status in an Android widget?

Pi4, OH2.5.12, magnetic switch
Can I somehow display permanently the item status in Android without opening the IP or openhab app, maybe a widget?
It is a tasmota switch with connected magnetic switches for the garage door. I would like to display the related status e.g. on an Android tablet. I tried some apps but nothing realty what I need.

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Not at this time but I think I’ve seen some PRs in work that are working towards something that would support this.

What do you mean with PRs?

Pull Requests. It means someone has started to work on the code to make this happen but that code is not complete and/or not yet merged into the baseline.

Alternatively: If the android tablet is always within your local network at home, you could publish the state via mqtt and find an mqtt Android client, that will show the mqtt topic as widget.