Display water consumption graph

my water company keeps my water consumption per day.
I can get those data using a http get request.
Now I would like to display the data in openhab. Since the data is kept by my water provider, I feel it’s not sensible to save that data in also openhab. But, how can I get the results (json) in a graph?

What have you tried?

That is a good start

I believe people use persistence and something like Grafana. Searching the forum shoule yeild some hints.

Yes, I’m already using persistence for temperature data from my sensors and the graph type in my sitemap. And that works very good.
But, for this, I don’t want to duplicate data. Apparently there’s a way to use grafana with json data. I was hoping some already has done this…

This plugin should do the job. However, I haven’t tried.

so, maybe grafana can do the job… I’ll have to do some reading about installing it