Displayed Icon not change in OH 3.1 for dynamic Icons

I use openhab 2.5 and will switch now to OH3. Here I setup a raspberry 4 with openhab3.1a nd start from the beginning.

To make it short, I add the homematic into oh and i works and I can select all things. I add a door open / close sensor and the text displays the correct status.

But everything what I do, I can solve the problem that the correct Icon will be shown (door-open / door-closed). I add a translation from upper cases to lower cases but no chance. In OH2.5 I doesn’t have any problem, it works from the scratch but in 3.1 I have no clue anymore.

The same I have with the batterycritical. Text correct but icen doesn’t change.

Does someone has any idea or a link for more details. I google a lot of times but here I found nothing to this topic.

Thanks, Christian

Where are you looking?

Hi Rossko,

tried it but doesn’t work. I add Metadata “Default List Item Widget”.

On the page the icon looks like only defaul (open door) - the setting in the metadata is correct from my opinion (oh:door) : Widget is default “oh-label-item” : no clue if it was the right entry.


Many of the oh widget components that have an icon configuration property also have an iconUseState property that must be set to true if you want dynamic icons. Your oh-label-item is one of these; see the docs:

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Checked it but no result. Check the switch iconUseState and set it off and on that the result was see in the code view. set auto-update into the meta data too. If I open pages with a card includes all doors, the icon generell default (open). I have no clue anymore. Can someone share the code of such an item or the meta data from the rest interface to validate.
thx, Chris

At this point you’re going to have to give us more to work with or we’re just guessing. Please post the configuration of the widgets you’re having trouble with and any other information you think might be relevant (items configurations, screenshots of the error, etc.).