Displaying a video feed works via URL but not in a widget?

Hi All

This code has worked fine for me using an old domain name just fine for about 1 year.

When I hope the URL in a browser, its also fine. Displays without problem.

When its in this widget, it fails. Driving me BONKERS lol! Any suggestions to get this to display?

<div id="video_wrapper" class="widget" style="width: 100%; text-align: center; margin-bottom: 20px;">
      <iframe name="Video Widget" ng-style="{ 'background-color': vm.widget.background }" frameborder="0" ng-src="https://server.com.au/bha-api/video.cgi?http-user=BLAH&http-PASWORD=EqqqYX4HaE" scrolling="no" width="640" height="480">

Have you solved this problem? Also interested.

Many browsers will no longer pass a URL with a username and password. There is a plug-in that works with Firefox to get around this.