Displaying float values in sitemap

I am monitoring the power usage of some domestic appliances using a wall plug.

Number		S01D003_nPower		{ zwave="8:command=sensor_multilevel, sensor_type=4" }
Text	item=S01D003_nPower			label="Power [%.1f W]"

With the setup above I have noticed a peculiarity:

When the value of S01D003_nPower is equal to zero, two digits are shown before the decimal point (like 00.0 W) but when the value is greater than zero (but less than one) only one digit is shown (like 0.5 W).

I have looked through the Java string format documentation but I cannot find any good explanation for this behavior. Anyone?

Ps! I don’t consider this my biggest problem at the moment, but I have a curious mind and would like to understand why this happens, :smile: