Displaying installed bindings in OH2


since few days I’m working with OH2. I have troubles with installing bindings. What I’ve tried to do:

  1. I’ve check outed sources of Eclipse Smarthome and OH2 via Eclipse Installer
  2. I’ve tried many things:
    2a) take org.openhab.binding.avmfritz
    2b) create own simple binding that would do nothing but display the name
    2c) copy some binding that is visible (like ntp) and change its name (everywhere inside) to ntp2
  3. In openHAB_Runtime.launch in selected_target_plugins I’ve specified the name of the binding project (e.g. org.openhab.binding.avmfritz).

The binding is not visible in Paper UI Configuration/Bindings section. However, when I add to openHAB_Runtime.launch in selected_target_plugins one of Eclipse Smarthome integrated bindings, like org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.sonos, it is visible.

By the way - I tried to look at Extensions section to maybe install somehow the binding, but I’ve seen some strange names, link to screenshot: http://i66.tinypic.com/16s1w0.jpg

Thanks for your help!

Did you tried service:list ? I got this output:

openHAB ZWave Binding (148)
openHAB 1.x Compatibility Layer (149)
Eclipse SmartHome Basic UI (151)
openHAB Classic Iconset (153)
Eclipse SmartHome Paper UI (154)
openHAB RRD4j Persistence Bundle (156)
Eclipse SmartHome Map Transformation Service (157)
openHAB Netatmo Binding (158)
openHAB Tellstick Binding (160)
openHAB Astro Binding (162)
openHAB ZWave Binding (163)
openHAB fritzaha Binding (164)
openHAB Onkyo Binding (166)
openHAB HarmonyHub Binding (172)
openHAB HTTP Binding (174)
openHAB Tellstick Binding (176)
openHAB Plex Binding (177)
openHAB DMX Binding (178)
openHAB NTP Binding (179)
openHAB NetworkHealth Binding (182)
Network Binding (185)

@michal As you are talking about the IDE and not the distro, it is very easy: The available bindings are the one that you have selected in the launch config (i.e. 3) in your list).
The reason that you are not seeing them in the Paper UI is that the Paper UI only shows ESH-compatible bindings (i.e. from ESH or OH2-addons repo).
The “Extensions” menu entry is used to manage installation through Karaf, which only works on the distro, because Karaf is not involved in the IDE - therefore you only see mock data there.