Displaying video images onto a TV using OH2

Does anyone do this?

want I want is to be able to pull a video stream via HTTP onto my TV using voice, I can easily create a switch,with a rule to fetch it but sending it to a device I’m not sure of.

e.g ‘Alexa, show me the garage camera feed’

I’ve got a Kodi enabled Vero (which is a Linux box connected via HDMI to my TV) and an Apple TV. Not sure if any of this would work.

How do you guys, if any, do this?

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I have seen a YouTube tutorial on doing this. It was a door bell camera that did a small pop up window with the video in Kodi. YouTube video had a link with a how to blog on the persons website.

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That would be cool! Think you can find it?

Display my Doorbell video would be even better! I use the DoorBird and again, I can pull a HTTP stream from it also.

edit: this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J45zShj06iY

How about you try and do a search? I think it may be the video that is found if you type in “doorbell home automation KODI + openhab”
Don’t forget to read video description.

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Ages ago I remember seeing some stuff on how to do an image in a pop-up on kodo…, not sure of video…

To leverage the tags, I suggest that your voice instruction should be something like…

“Switch on the garage camera feed”

I recently bought a chromecast and I was thinking about using chromecast to show video of my camera’s using a rule in OpenHab.

The playstream command would probably work.

Just link it to a virtual switch.

Create a proxy switch which you will use when you say the command to Alexa.
Create a rule for that switch and make a sendHttpGetRequest to Kodi. It will work, before openHab I used the http API to send audio streams to Kodi.
Take a look at here: SetVideoStream

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Having difficulties working out the http command to trigger the kodi add on to display the camera feed. Ive configured kodi to display them, but its manual.

I don’t really know what do you mean by that…
Also why you need Kodi addon? The addon can’t do it, as I said before you need to use the HTTP API to send a message to Kodi. You don’t need any binding for that…

Because its the kodi add on that displays the web feed from the camera.

I still don’t really get it. If you use it like a I said, it is just a plain HTTP call (which you can even call from a web browser). I have used the HTTP API without any “smarthome” thing before, just by sending a HTTP call to Kodi from a Linux server.

However I might misunderstand you… If you can describe it better, maybe I can help.

Theres no way as far as i know to send a http api call to an add on (im using the security cam add on) without using the add on in the http call. Im well aware no binding is needed as i send plenty of http calls to kodi for other things. My issue is the syntax of the http call to pull up the camera feed.

Don’t you have a simple video URL from the camera? (Btw, I don’t know which formats are supported by Kodi, so you need to look up…). Also you have to encode the URL, to follow the syntax required for HTTP. As far as I can remember this is not done automatically by issuing a HTTP Request in OH.

Yes I do, but this add on will display the feed in a small box and overlay it onto a kodi video so if you’re watching a movie, it will show the preview in the corner. Perfect for my front gate intercom.

Ahh, now I think I get it! So you have an add-on in Kodi, where you want to view the video stream presented by the camera!
Which add-on is it? What did you tried so far?

You got it :wink:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<addon id="plugin.video.ipcams" name="Surveillance Cameras" version="0.0.3" prov                                                                                               ider-name="Birger Jesch">

Ive tried this:{“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“method”:“Addons.ExecuteAddon”,“params”:{“addonid”:“script.securitycam”},“id”:"1" 22}}

And I get this error:

|error ||
|code |-32700|
|message |“Parse error.”|
|id |null|
|jsonrpc |“2.0”|

Hmm… I’m not an expert of this… I haven’t really tried sending a command to an add-on and I can’t really find any reference on the internet.
Maybe you can try another way… found it here

Map a remote button
To easily to view All Cameras, a single camera feed, or a picture-in-picture (PIP) preview, you can map a remote button. 

So there is examples of how you can set this… Also it says that you can call the same way externally… I don’t really know what he mean by that, because I think HTTP don’t have RunPlugin method. However you can give it a try this way.

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I might uninstall my add on and try this one Kristof, cheers!