Divider line in widget

Hi all,

I am designing a widget for my Ring stuff. Now, for the ‘nice touch’ I want to place a vertical divider line in my widget spanning apporx 95% of it’s height. While I can do all the config stuff most likely myself, I haven’t found a feature that would solve my case. Ie. there is no ‘insert a line’ option of some sort. F7 talkes about hairlines but only in combination with the navbar or some items but not in combination with a block (most likely the closest one can get to something that fills the widget. Anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Block border maybe?

Same thought but somehow I don’t see any lines appear :sleepy:

They should. Maybe one block is above another?

Found it. I was trying to use --f7-block-strong-border-color but it turns out that border is enough. As you suggested @11194 I used a block-element for this.
Reference post: this topic, post 56.