DIY: SDM630 Smart Meter Interface

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(nicco demi) #61

@sirLeone I’ve got it working in the meantime. The only thing I still haven’t figured out is how to get reading of Total power in OH.
Regarding your issue: have you tried the latest release (0.5.1)?

(Sir Leone) #62

Yes, i have started from updating to latest release but with no luck :confused: I will try to read and compute values using python script

(Hallo Ween) #63

Is there a way to read out the modbus with an esp8266 or arduino and send the data with wifi to the openhab-server or the raspi running the software from the first post?

I have seen some tutorials where you can build a modbus slave with an esp8266. Would this be the right thing to do this?

Or another Idea:

On amazon you can find this: USR-TCP232-410S

Can i use your software with this lan-adapter? Can i read out a sdm630 connected to this and my raspi is only reachable over lan?

(Nick Galfas) #64

You can hook an esp8266 with a modbus adapter to the energy meter. I especially use Sonoff’s with Tasmota firmware. In the latest versions it supports all Eastron meters and also some Peacefair energy meters.

If there are more Tasmota(MQTT)/Eastron users out there maybe we should start a new topic and leave this one only for Raspberry/Eastron use cases (the RS485 adapter placed on the Raspberry itself).

(Juan) #65

Interesting. I am looking for alternatives for Power Metering. My electrical box setup is triphasic, I was thinking to buy the SDM630, but I do not know how to setup the RS485.

You are talking about sonoff with Tasmota. Is it possible to link the a sonoff with Tasmota to the SDM630 send data via MQTT? How is the wiring? and how you modify the firwamre?

I am Tasmota(MQTT) user and I am thinking to buy a SDM630, I am interested on this topic, but I need to make up my mind about how is everthing setup.

(Nick Galfas) #66

check these out

this is the RS485 module you must use.

this is connected between the sonoff and the Eastron meter.

check also

the basic idea is that the sonoff/Tasmota takes the readings through RS485 and then transmitts MQTT status messages.

(Juan) #67

Cool that is what I was looking for. I will have a look. Next January will arrive my Eastorn an I will start to test it.

(Juan) #68

I guess that with Sonoff Basic the conection is the same. But I do not know how is the setup when you get in in the local IP of the sonoff. How to setup sonoff basic?

here is some resource:

Modbus switch+ sensor
(Nick Galfas) #69

The Tasmota module configuration is the easiest part. It has pin configuration options for Tx/Rx on SDM120/SDM220 (single phase meters) and seperate pin options for SDM630/SDM530 (these are the 3-phase models and display more registers).

ie, this is the pin configuration for SDM120

(Juan) #70

Hi thanks.

Today I got my SDM630. I have flashed a sonoff Basic, and I set it up like this, but I do not see any values on the main page of Sonoff-. What do I miss?

I do not find on the menu, SDM630 Rx and SDM630 Tx.



(Juan) #71

Problem solved.

The library SDM630 was commented with // as a comment.

Everything working fine.

(Nick Galfas) #72

Or you can download the ‘sensors’ Tasmota release which has it ready to play.

  • sonoff-sensors.bin = The Sensors version without Wps and SmartConfig configuration but adds even more useful sensors.

(Juan) #73

2 qustions ngalfas:

  • The TotalEnergy is possible to reset to 0? :confused:
  • How I get the ActivePower. It seems that is a String?