Dlink DCH-Z110 configuration issue


I am running openHAB 2.5 on RPi with a lot of different zwave devices connected.

I have a problem with a Dlink door/window sensor and I don’t know how to work around it. The sensor is a DCH-Z110. It seems to me like the configuration parameter 5 (Operation Mode) is preset to 10 (Celsius and LED indicator ON). I cannot find a way to change the parameter, and I really would like to as I do not want the LED indication turned On.

I have tried to change it in both HabMin and Paper UI with no luck. I guess I need to change some configuration file somewhere or maybe even use the REST API.

All inputs will be highly appreciated.


It was inadvertently set so you could not change it due to a database issue. I just updated it so it should be available in a binding snapshot in about a week.

Ideally that parameter should be broken up by bitmask but I am not confident doing that on the new site.

Thanks for the swift reply, Bruce. I will wait until a snapshot with the fix is ready, and hopefully I can turn off the LED indication at that time.


That parameter is bit based which makes it difficult to calculate the value.
If I hazarded a guess I would guess you want 8 for Celsius.

You’re right. 8 is the value I need to use Celsius unit for temperature measurements.