DLINK DCS-932L IPCamera binding not Working

Not much energy already: Hello everybody, I am looking for help :smiley:

Running OH3.1, IP Camera Binding an ONVIF camera subbinding. An DCS-932L IP Wireless camera and ffmpeg instaled and the log running.

ONVIF CAMERA Thing is ONLINE. I tried multiple setting between the camera config and binding configuration and many of them work. (snapshot url user and pass , ONVIF port 80, …)

It is connected.

Then, works in any browser.

But my image item linked to the image channel of the camera thing remains blank :pensive:

This is always the log

01:49:07.852 [TRACE] [camera.internal.onvif.OnvifConnection] - Sending ONVIF request:GetSystemDateAndTime
01:49:07.885 [TRACE] [mera.internal.handler.IpCameraHandler] - Sending camera: GET:
01:49:07.958 [TRACE] [camera.internal.onvif.OnvifConnection] - Onvif reply is:

The request is forbidden.

Any help will be very helpfull

Did you work it out?

If not, then please update to the very latest jar that can be downloaded from this post.

IpCamera binding - Breaking changes and new features in 3.2 Milestone 3 and newer - Add-ons / Bindings - openHAB Community

Then post some unmodified TRACE level log output from when the camera connects. You can trigger this by pausing the camera and then unpausing it so it shows a single camera connecting for the first time with the binding. Some recent changes to ONVIF were just made a few days ago so its important to have the latest logs that match the code here so I can follow along.