DLNA / UPNP binding

7 months later :wink:

I have now “worked” with the code of the Sonos 2.0 binding and I think it should be relatively easy (maybe even very easy) to add a generic support for DLNA media renderers because there is already almost everything implemented for the Sonos.
What could be done is to simply add a new thing type for generic DLNA media renderers.
This could offer standard controls: play; pause, stop, volume, mute for all DLNA devices. And track information could be retrieved too.

@kgoderis : what do you think about that ?

PS: I have already done this extension from Sonos to generic DLNA for the Vera platform. So I know that it works well for a large panel of things supporting UPnP / DLNA.

Good idea :slight_smile: i have no clue what it entails because I do not have a dlna device in the first place, but if you have done this before, pls go ahead…

That would be really cool - Can you estimate already if it might also work with Gramofon (www.gramofon.com) players ? They support allplay by default, and in fact i’d be glad if those are supported, i have a bunch of them waiting for integration :slight_smile:

I was talking about DLNA / UPnP AV media renderers.
After a very quick search, AllPlay seems to be something else and I see no mention of DLNA.


@Max1968, I am currently implementing an AllPlay binding for openHab 2. If you are interested in trying it out and help testing, please have a look in this thread. :slight_smile:

Hi Dominic,

i’ve already seen it when you posted it, and i’m very eager to test it - However i wasn’t home for a while now, hopefully next weekend i will give it a try and post my comments there :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for developing it !


Hi all!
I’m currently in progress of developing python tool for playing audio/video/images on DLNA/UPnP devices on the same network and I wonder if it can be useful for your bindings as well.
Please feel free get the latest version and try dlnap tool at github

Hello Lolodomo !

Happy to see you are still in place :slight_smile:
Finally I have some spare time to play little more with openhab2 to move all automation from my vera to it and I landed here after some search about upnp/dlna binding. Last scenes not ported…

Your great DLNA Vera plugin still does its job in my house like a charm and I’m glad to read that you looked on something like this for openhab2.

Have you done something ? Like for the Vera’s plugin, if I can help you in any way, please let me know !

Best regards

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Bonjour MacFly.
I studied this week-end how to update the Sonos binding to make it compatible with all DLNA media renderers. I am still convinced that it could be done easily.
I don’t really need that for myself so if I work on that feature, I will only spend a limited time on it. So it is on my TODO list but not at top.

Sure, I understand !

I know I bother you with that since a long time ago :slight_smile: (I found a post from me on touteladomotique forum dated on january 2015 :slight_smile: )
In the mean time, I managed to use MiOS Action to control your Vera DLNA plugin.

As I said before, don’t hesitate if I can help you…

@Pavel_Cherezov your tool looks good ! I will give it a try.

Do you think you can add a Text-To-Speech feature to it ? it will be great !

Hi @MacFly thank you for your request, but as for me TTS is extremely specific feature to add it in scope of just playing back media tool. Moreover I’m actually not familiar with TTS at all. I guess someone familiar with python, TTS and OH can easily implement such a thing for you. Thanks again :slight_smile:

@Lolodomo Did you already have some code? If so, is it available on GitHub?

Since last week I have Denon Heos devices at home.

First focus for me is to have a generic DLNA/UPNP binding in place. There after focus on Denon Heos binding.

I started something through the Sonos binding but it was not the expected approach and my proposal was finally rejected. Then I forgave as it was too much work to be compliant with what is expected and too much work for something I don’t need myself.

I created an issue that is now closed but you can read it to understand what is expected : a new specific binding + a shared bundle that could include common code for different bindings that use UPnP AV.
I agree with that expected architecture but extracting the common code is not something that can be done in few hours.

Ok, tnx for the info! Can you provide a link to the mentionned issue?

Hello @kristofdk,

Just out of curiosity, Did you do something about this Upnp Binding ?

Not yet, time is not at my side at the moment.

Will you start working on it? A joint effort would be nice!