DMX item synchronisation

I have a DMX binding question:

When i create multiple items which uses in some cases the same DMX channel (for example: Color item and Dimmer item), it seems that there is no synchronisation of the channel value between them.

Example of my test:
Color rgbw_strip “RGBW LED strip” {dmx=“CHANNEL[1/4:1000]”}
Dimmer rgbw_strip_red “RGBW LED strip red” {dmx=“CHANNEL[1]”}
Dimmer rgbw_strip_green “RGBW LED strip green” {dmx=“CHANNEL[2]”}
Dimmer rgbw_strip_blue “RGBW LED strip blue” {dmx=“CHANNEL[3]”}
Dimmer rgbw_strip_white “RGBW LED strip white” {dmx=“CHANNEL[4]”}

when i change the color in with the color picker, de different dimmervalues don’t synchronise with the chosen color.

How can I fix this?