Do certain bindings slow things down?

I previously installed a version 1 binding and it caused my web interface and possibly general responsiveness to slow down. Even to the point that menu’s weren’t refreshing properly. So removing it the problem went away. Yesterday installed the OpenWeatherMap 2.4 binding. Pulled in all items for it but haven’t tied it to a sitemap yet. Though does show them all in the Controls. Is there just to many items in that binding and is overloading things or is there an issue with that binding?



No. There’s an issue with it, or - more likely - with your config.

It takes a more careful study to identify performance issues. Let’s say for example a setting misunderstanding with the mystery v.1 binding caused it to flood the WiFi with requests. It would appear to you that the UI was unresponsive, but it’s just doing what it was told.

Likewise, while many Items is not a bad thing of itself, having them all persisted and exposed to myOpenhab will add other system overheads.