Do I need to do anything if a device is updated in the db?

I feel like I should know this, but don’t.

If a device’s db info was updated but it’s already included and initialized, do I need to do anything to let OpenHAB know it should look for new device info?

In this case, it looks like a recent update to the db entry for the GE 14291 switch added double tap support. I tried the reinitialize button without seeing any change. Is there something else I should do?

I’m on stable across the board (3.1.0)

Thank you!

If new channels are added, or channel information is changed, then unfortunately you need to delete the thing and add it back again. This is currently the only way to tell OH to update the thing definition.

If the configuration parameters were to be updated, then you wouldn’t need to do anything as this is always read “live” from the thing definitions.

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Thanks @chris! Yep, new and useful channels. Good to know it’s necessary before embarking on the task, I have a lot of these.

Thanks again!

Just to note that when I say “delete the thing and add it back again” - that does not mean to exclude the device from the network. You just need to delete the thing, then do a scan and it should turn up in the inbox again. This just causes OH to re-read the thing definition.

(maybe you already understood this, but I just realised I wasn’t completely clear :wink: ).

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That was good to know, and aside from doing it one device at time so I could keep track of names, it was pretty easy. It’s like I have twice as many switches now, too.