Do OH V1 Bindings work in new OH 2.5?

Hi Guys,
I upgraded to the release version of OH 2.5 yesterday on my openhabian PI system (via apt-upgrade). After clearing the cache and a few reboots later , most things have come back up fine, with two exceptions.
Any things/items I have configured for these two bindings no longer work:

  • binding-weather1 - 1.14.0
  • binding-heatmiser1 - 1.14.0

I can’t find anything specific on this in the forums so far, so I just wanted to ask if anyone else has the same issue and/or worarounds…

Did you check the Release Notes? I know some more v1 bindings were moved to where you need to explicitly enable v1 because there are now v2 versions.

Hi - yes, I did see the release notes. These two in particular are not mentioned as having been depricated, or replaced by 2.x versions. I also have tried turning the 1.x binding toggle on and off in the UI, but it doesnt seem to make any difference.

I have not heard if issues with those but I do not use them. I know there have been many namespace changes with the integration of ESH into OH.

I may be able to find time to test weather1.

If I remember correct, weather binding was completely removed as the service stopped. There are alternatives like openweathermap or darksky binding.

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I thought openweathermap was one option for the v1 binding.

By the way, v1 bindings do not use Things.

yep, force of habbit… there are configured via text files in the services folder in my system…

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What weather provider do you use?

And I also have a valid API key for this…It was working great in OH 2.4 stable as of yesterday, right before I upgraded to 2.5 stable

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No. Yes some service was stopped (don’t recall which one) but you can configure other (even multiple) service providers and this keeps working for me in 2.5. Your post made me nervous so I looked it up :wink:
I’m using the OpenWeatherMap provider.
@paddyb check weather.cfg and set:log debug .

Since the next announced version of OH is OH 3, you may want to move to the v2 binding.

Sorry for the confusion, my selective brain mixed things up :weary:

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No worries. Same over here, signs to take a break during x-mas holidays … just raised my :christmas_tree: .