Do XYZ upon receipt of Email

Is it possible to perform an IFTTT type rule? As in, monitor a specific email mailbox, for a specific email subject, and then DO ‘turn lights off’?

There is a [MailControl] ( binding that can read JSON-based emails from POP3 and update OH.

In addition to the MailControl binding, with my.openhab you can use IFTTT directly. If the requirement to use JSON in the body of the emails is a deal killer that is another option.

Thanks guys, a few options. I did see the MailControl binding, but must have been in a haze as didn’t really notice it was able to read mail.

Basically I have ‘something’ that sends an email me on a specific event. Unfortunately this something, is only ‘semi-smart’. I want the receipt of this email to turn on/off a light. The email ‘something’ sends, is in plain text however and I have no control over the content of the email.