[docker] 2.5.6-snapshot image missing

I can’t find the 2.5.6-snapshot image on docker. Is it by purpose or am I doing something wrong?

I assume you are looking for the openHAB tag openhab/2.5.6-snapshot as far as I can tell from looking at the official tags https://hub.docker.com/r/openhab/openhab/tags?page=1&name=snapshot
There is no 2.5.6-snapshot tag.

You could build it yourself:

That should have been an automatic part of the release process for that version. At least, is the tag does not exist, alert & halt.

Exactly. It is mentioned in the overview in docker, but not existing.

Yes, I can build it myself, just thought to ask, if that is by intention…


So the build is an automatic part of the process but a dependent cloud service is currently broken.

Thank you for the clarification & update.