Docker openhab:milestone image updated daily?

Hello community,
since a couple of weeks I use a second openhab installation to do some tests and play around with.
I choosed the docker image openhab:milestone and was of the impression that this image will only be updated if there is a new milestone 2.5 M2, M3, …
Since I use watchtower to automatically pull and run newer image releases as they appear I notice watchtower updating every day.

Is it a wanted behavior to build and release a new openhab:milestone image every day?

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Currently there’s one build for all images so it’s expected behavior. The build is triggered by every distro build and whenever openhab-docker PRs are merged. So it’s also possible the images are rebuild when the OS in the container is updated or when the startup scripts change.

Thanks for clarification.
I will see if I can configure watchtower to check openhab:milestone e.g. once a month.

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Sorry to open this old thread again. I can see now while my watchtower container notifies me every other day about a new openHAB milestone image.
But how can I get a notification when a really NEW milestone (in my case that would be 2.5.0.M4 as of now) is available? I found the “” thread, but in the milestone topic alone there a currently over 400 messages, so it’s not really feasible to subscribe to this topic just to get a new milestone notification. Any ideas?

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