Docker updates

I have a smoothly functioning OH2 install using Docker on my Fedora 23 system. I’m new to Docker, although have been using OH 1 for quite some time.

The OH Docker page gives two options for updating the docker image - deleting the cache and tmp directories, or updating addons via the Karaf console. The instructions imply that deleting the tmp and cache directories will lose any updates made through habmin (most of my 1.x config came via config files, but addons and zwave config have been done in habmin), so it looks like my best option is the updates via Karaf. Is this something that could be scripted?

Also, is there a way to determine if/when the docker images have been updated?

I haven’t looked into it yet but it is on my list of things to figure out. I think you should be able to use this to write a shell script that logs in to the console and executes an update of a binding. I’ve not tested whether this can be done yet though.

I’ve seen some scripts on Stackoverflow which may have enough info to show you how to do it.

Beyond that check the github page for the openhab-docker project.