Dockerized RPi 3B - Bad Performance after update to Raspbian Lite 64-Bit

Hi there,
for my
Raspberry Pi 3B
i decided to go from

  • raspbian lite 32-bit
  • dockerized openHAB 3
  • dockerized influxDB


  • raspbian lite 64-bit
  • dockerized openHAB 3
  • dockerized influxDB 2 (Just because this was a good opportunity)

Sadly it seems, that im now struggling with performance issues.
It seems, that swap is always (very often) at 100%
I tried to check if this was caused by switching from influxDB to influxDB2, by checking the utilization with stopped influxDB2-container → Still it seems, that openHAB 3 is enough to cause swap at 100%

raspbian lite 32-bit - openHAB + influxDB RUNNING

raspbian lite 64-bit - openHAB RUNNING - influxDB2 STOPPED

Both times i tried to run openhab:latest or openhab:milestone (3.3.0.M1) → Same result → System gets unresponsive if swap + mem utilization gets too high

Is it just raspbian 64-bit not fitting to the hardware of my raspberry pi 3B or could there be some installation/configuration issues i caused?

For sure the chance is very high, that this is not a openHAB problem, but maybe some of you already have a good advice for me

OK the easy answer is, that a 64-bit system simply uses much more memory and therefore the memory of my raspberry pi 3b ist just too low to run stable right?

Increasing swap would not be a very good idea i think?!

64-bit on an RPi 3 is not recommended nor is running OH in Docker. There simply is not enough RAM and both decisions require even more RAM than usual.

Swap is slow. It may help you limp along but your machine is going to have really poor performance. And you’ll quickly wear out your SD card.

You should either go back to 32-bit Raspberry OS and not use Docker or move up to an RPi 4 with more RAM.

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