Does a Z-Wave device exists that can be used outdoors to raise/lower a large sheet of fabric or other material?


I’d like to build something that can raise/lower a large sheet of light material (about 40 pounds that is 25 feet x 4 feet) automatically. This is to block incoming light. Another important point is that this would be outdoors and need to withstand the cold. Our winters can get down to 20 degrees F for weeks on average.

I’m thinking that something like a hydraulic cylinder might work.

Does anyone know of or can recommend something that would be able to do this and can be controlled through OpenHab?

Thank you for the suggestions.

You could think about a tubemotor in a tube if you can roll up the sheet.
Connect it with rollershutter control

I assume there will be nothing with a biult-in ZWave controller as the market for that is too small.
However, if you can find something that can be controlled via switches, you can replace the switches with ZWave relays. The ZWave device does not necessaryly needs to be fit for outdoor usage as along as a cable can be routed from an indoor relay to the outdoor fittings that need to be controlled.
(If you are not an electrician yourself, please ask one to assist or do the wiring for you.)

I had more or less the same problem and fixed it with the tube motor from China 230volt. The wiring from the fibaro rollershutter switch have long wires going to my garden shed.

And it works great.

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Neat idea. Thank you for that.

I really appreciate the information. I’ll look into those. Thank you.

Cool. I’ll look at the tube motor. Thank you.

I can’t resist.