Does anyone have a lifesos alarm system?

They provide a com port out that you can use to read sensors and arm/disarm the system. I’m in the process of trying to wirelessly connect the com port to my network, and hopefully a binding shouldn’t be too hard - but just wondered if anyone has done this, or would be interested in the outcome.

Did you ever get this working?
I have one of these alarms and would be interested in connecting it to openHAB

I did, but I have moved away from openhab.

I use docker to host most of it. Firstly I setup a proxy as you can only have one thing talk to the alarm at one point:

Then I have a project that will listen to a message queue and send messages to the daemon (such as arming/disarming):

Finally I have a docker container that will react to alarm events by posting messages to a message queue:

If this is what you are after I can try and provide some more help.