Does anyone have/had BRIX BXCEH-3205?

Just out of curiosity, I do have one of these for my livingroom hts station, which is running 24/7
it’s pretty decent hw even today, but I never solved one big issue with it, which is POWER ON after powerloss.

Yes indeed it’s in bios setting to restore previous state, but it’s not doing anything after power is back again, so it’s just stay off.
Which is main reason I’m not (yet) using it as OH server.

Has anyone happend to have one of these and solved it somehow?

I know, it’s super offtopic, but who know, maybe somebody know something :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got two variants of those lovely Brix boxes.

Gigabyte BRIX GB-BRi7H-8550 i7 DDR4

Gigabyte BRIX Mini PC Intel Celeron J1900

Setting the Power On state in the bios works perfectly for me.

Have a chat to your supplier, because that feature should be really easy to setup and it should just work.

Saying that, I’ve re-read your post and I think I can see the issue.

Does the OS your running inform the BIOS of state?

Try changing the BIOS setting to “Always ON” (or whatever it’s called that forces the Brix to boot up after a power failure)

it’s running Elementary OS, which is basically Ubuntu so I guess it does.
Thanks for info, my wild guess was faulty bios, which I reflashed. But not sure if I ever tried always on, will give it a shot


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Just for the stake of clarity.

I’ve just booted up my i7 Brix and had a peek in the Bios.

The correct option is “Power On”

From the options of

  • Power Off
  • Power On
  • Last state

I’ve never tried " Last State " on any machine that I’ve wanted to recover from a power failure.

Mainly because it’s never occurred to that the power state might have been OFF before the power outage.

sadly it’s not working either, just now I’ve played with that…
so I guess I’ll have to make script which will ping machine and if nothing is returned eg. power off, it will use WOL to bring that sucker to life.

No clue why it’s not working tho ;/

Hey Kriz

I’m sorry to say that I’ve just tried my i7 and it’s working as expected.

Which actually is rather good, as I turn off my computer desk’s power at the wall, so why have the computer come on when I switch the power on.