Does anyone know if the Hue Bridge Binding works locally on OpenHab2?

I currently have a Rooted Winkhub1 that I have been using for the past couple of years and it has been working very well for me by simply using some SSH scripting using the exec binding.

Originally, I had decided on the WH1 for several reasons - 1.) Multiple Protocols supported, 2.) the ability to not rely on the cloud (i.e. local control capable after root). Turns out the second reason is the most important to me. Over time, I have really gravitated only to using strictly Zigbee and RF433 outlets (though slowly moving to less bulky, albeit more expensive zigbee outlets).

Therefore, I am looking at possibly replacing my Wink Hub with a Phillps Hue Bridge, as there doesn’t appear to be an officially supported Wink Hub 2 binding.

I know there is a stable binding for Hue Bridge, but the documentation doesn’t really say anything about it using local control; however, I assume that it does work locally but was curious if anyone could confirm this.