Does binding exist for vario vent duo live

Hi everybody,

does there exist a binding for vario vent duo live (
Or is there an easy way to remote control a duo live, e.g. via a REST interface or an API which can be used with simple HTTP GET or PUT requests?

TNX, Stefan

Hi, I am also interested in this. Has someone experiences with the DUO-Live Spot Interface?

Stefan: Do you have now some new information? I my case it would be sufficient when simple HTTP GET or PUT requests are working to control/readout the device status of the Vario-Vent DUO-LIVE systems via the Control Center spots.

In the meantime I analyzed the vario vent a little bit. They are using google toolkit which makes it AFAICS a hard piece of work to get data from it. IMHO is the easiest way to automate it to use testing frameworks like CasperJS, PhantomJS, etc.

I asked the manufacturer directly via mail and got a response: Their plan is to implement a REST API for spot devices, release planned for december 2018. I hope that this will happen! :slight_smile: So, I wait with ordering the vario duo until this is released or find another system meanwhile…

I have the Varion Vent system in my house a couple of days ago everything stopped and I opened the Vario Vent Spot box There is a raspberry pi in there and I guess my micro SD card is done. Vario Vent Company is no more existing so I can not buy a new one is anyone willing to make an Image of his Card than I can take it from there. I can also only recommend you all to make an image of yours if it stops working you can help yourself and it will stop at some point mine had a chep micro sd card in it.
Thanks to all and i hope i can get an image from somone

hi leo, i might be able to help. Are you still looking for it?