Does FGS 223 work with OH1?

Hi there,
I would like to buy a Fibaro FGS 223 that has the power consumption measurement option and i would like to know if it works in OH1 because i saw that there is only one topic here posted in sep last year and as far as i understood there was no updated binding for this device.

Anyone has the FGS 223 working with OH1:

  • double relay command
  • instant w
  • kwh


the double relay works perfectly - I haven’t tested W or kWh

Man I was asking about FGS 223 which has this option to measure the power consumption, not about FGS 222! I have too a FGS 222 which works great but it doesn’t have this option!
So what devices do you have?
Anyone else?


I don’t really see why it wouldn’t be supported in OH1. I’m not 100% sure if it’s in the database, but that’s very easy to fix - the command classes for metering and switching should be fine for this device…

Thanks @chris, I saw your discussion here but the subject was about group association and I thought there might be something wrong with it in OH1.
Thanks again, I’ll buy this device.

All the best!

Hi @ewgor, did you manage to get the FGS 223 to work with OH1? If so, can you tell me what version of the zwave binding you are using as well as post the item’s config and any other setup you had to follow in order to get it to work.


Sup? I’m sorry but right I’m not home and I’ll be there on Thursday evening, but to answer you, yes I got it working well and I’ll post here my configs.
See ya!

@ewgor, I got it working, I just had forgotten to flip the breaker on :grin:

Thanks anyhow