Does run maitenance every night as it is slow in Australia

I have noticed that the site runs slowly here in the afternoon in Australia.
Anyone else in Australia seeing this?
It take over 5 minutes to load the page and sometimes doesn’t load at all.
I am guessing there are backups etc running?
Any other site I visit works fine.
During the mornings here it is ok.

Exactly at what time?

Don’t know exactly but usually from about 4pm onwards.
I couldn’t get onto it last night at about 7pm.

I’m in Australia and I haven’t noticed such an issue, but I’ll do some tests.

It could be just me as I am in rural Australia NSW but in saying that all other websites work fine it just this one doesn’t.

It is starting to slow down now about 2pm my time.
I can still get into it but it is taking at least a minute of looking at the loading graphics.

I’ve just tried using the openhab android app on my phone whilst the wifi is turned off. It doesn’t seem to be particularly slow to me. It is not as snappy as local, but still fine. I use basicui.

I am just browsing the forum website.
It is ok just now but yesterday it was really bad.

This is not wat Greg was saying. He is talking about the community page, you are talking about myopenHAB.
Different servers at different hosters…

It is OK so far now. Still a bit slow but at least I can get onto the site.
It is taking about 30 seconds now.
Once I get in it isn’t too bad. (bearable)

Not having issues with performance here in Germany.

D’oh! Epic failure on my reading comprehension!

I definitely don’t experience any speed issues on the forums any time of the day.

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Here, 100 km west of Brisbane, we have slow to no Internet in recent days, but it is related to nbn upgrades. The forum mostly takes ~7 seconds for the first page to load, all others pop in in less than 2 seconds.

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