Does Insteon PLM binding retry on no ack?

Q: If an Insteon device fails to acknowledge a command, does the Insteon PLM binding retry/resend it? If so, how many times and at what frequency?

I have a few devices that occasionally fail to respond to a scheduled command. No errors logged, so I’m guessing they just didn’t receive it.

Hi George,

I’m curious about this too. Did you find an answer? By the way are you using dual-band or powerline only devices?


I use a mix of devices; I think most are dual-band at this point, while some of my older ones are powerline only. The two or three that will occasionally not respond are probably the latter.

I haven’t looked into the PLM Binding source code to see if it has retrying in software. But IIRC, I think the PLM should actually be doing that on the hardware side (send command, wait for ack, if not received send again). So maybe the problem devices are only connected as responders to the PLM, and not vice versa?

Just haven’t had time to dig into this further, but will try to get back to it soon.