Does lastUpdate work with MapDB

I want to determine which window was opened last.
But when using the rule below it always returns the same window no matter which I have opened.
It seems that the “sortBy[lastUpdate(“mapdb”)]” is not working

Any idea?

Strategies {
        default = everyUpdate

Items {
	Windows_alarm_checked: strategy = everyChange,restoreOnStartup
   val triggerItem = Windows_alarm_checked.members.sortBy[lastUpdate("mapdb")].last
   logInfo("Fenster", "Triggered by " + triggerItem)

I was in the middle of a big long posting about how to debug this and I just noticed the error.

You need to add a “*” after Windows_alarm_checked in your .persist file. The * means all members of this Group. As you have it now you are only persisting the Group’s aggregated state, not its member’s state.

Big thanks for the support!!