Does OH2 accept ANY OSGI bundles loaded into its KARAF?

I’ve two OSGI applications built with FELIX IPOJO, that I would like to add to OH2’s KARAF server where none has to do with OH2. (They will be ported to OH2 bindings later.)

Is it possible at all and are there restrictions ?

I’d appreciate a hint how to access the KARAF console without disturbing OH2.


I would say have a try yourself. OH2 is a custom distribution of Karaf, i.e. it has a few modifications and some pre-installed features, but in general, it still is Karaf with all its possibilities.

Thanks Kai for the fast response.

Will do so and report …

With those " few modifications and some pre-installed features" in mind I will try a plain KARAF first and then OH2’s KARAF.

I have to say that I too have thought about this.

@kai - have you thought about using Kura as gateway solution for device management, with OH2 deployed and configured as a module. Could be a nice way to manage large deployments of OH/ESH. The way Kura uses MQTT to do everything from configuration updates, firmware updates, device communication is pretty cool!

I don’t really understand what benefit you have from Kura, since you are lacking the server part that does all the remote management. And how many users are there that have “large deployments of OH”?
Anyhow, you might be interested in this thread.

Oh there are benefits! I would say that Kura excels at certain things around remote gateway management, and OH/ESH excels more around integration. Coupling the two together provides a very compelling architecture.

As an example, the Eurotech guys wrote a serial interface for a particular type of exercise equipment which they integrated with and brought the data back to their Everywhere Cloud and packaged a solution to the gym to be able to better understand the use of the equipment and adapt that with the actual customers present. Bring OH/ESH into the mix and such a solutions bredth can easily extend to things like having a piece of exercise equipment being able to control overhead lighting, controlling TV/radio volume/station, and even pre-heating the sauna! :wink:

I doubt anyone has large deployments of OH… but the use of OH/ESH on a gateway is certainly a valid use case. Think of cable boxes, industrial gateway and controllers, and just the enormous amount of Linux SBCs being deployed around the world.

The management side of things is another story. Using Everywhere Cloud is an option, or TR-69, or MQTT, whatever.

Thanks for the link to the ESH thread… I will join in.