Does openHAB 2.0 SNAPSHOT us the same zwave db as 1.9 SNAPSHOT?

I ask because my 2 of my older YRD220 locks are not showing up, but they do in 1.9-SNAPSHOT.

  "zwave:device:67cd13f9:node10": {
    "class": "org.eclipse.smarthome.config.discovery.internal.DiscoveryResultImpl",
    "value": {
      "bridgeUID": {
        "segments": [
      "thingUID": { 
        "segments": [
      "thingTypeUID": {
        "segments": [
      "properties": {
        "zwave_class_basic": "ROUTING_SLAVE",
        "zwave_class_generic": "ENTRY_CONTROL",
        "zwave_frequent": "true",
        "zwave_version": "18.18",
        "zwave_listening": "false",
        "zwave_deviceid": "65535",
        "zwave_nodeid": "10",
        "zwave_routing": "true",
        "zwave_beaming": "true",
        "zwave_class_specific": "SECURE_KEYPAD_DOOR_LOCK",
        "zwave_manufacturer": "265",
        "zwave_devicetype": "2"
      "flag": "NEW",
      "label": "Z-Wave Node 10 (0109:0002:FFFF:18.18)",
      "timestamp": 1484512085969,
      "timeToLive": -1

My understanding is they do use the same over all DB. Or put more specifically chris has a db that is used to generate the 1.9 and 2.0 dbs. Of course, I could be wrong.

It is different code so it might be a problem with the wake up and discovery process.

Yes and no. :wink:

AFAIK there is only one DB, but that doesn’t mean that both bindings (1.9 and 2.0) do cover all records of the database. Not all devices of the DB are automatically transferred to the bindings. In 1.x, Chris has to do it quite manually. In 2.x, there is some kind of automatism. But I heard Chris talking about that not all devices of the DB are in the 2.x binding (for whatever reason…).

And the informations of each device stored in the binding do also differ depending on the binding.

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@chris Can you point me in the right direction?

I can agree with what @jaydee73 said is correct. If you want a device added to oh1 them please raise an oh1 issue, or if you can copy the exported XML from the database and produce a PR that would be even better. :slight_smile: