Does openHAB 2.0 work better on Linux?

I’ve been using openHAB on a Mac Mini for a while, about a year. Does anyone find running it on a Linux-based system (or windows?) make any difference?

I’ve had a few strange issues and I was curious if this could be due to the operating system, or if everyone finds that the generally everything runs identically under all OSes.

There might be differences in solving issues based on the OS, but in general openHAB works identical (I did use Windows and using Linux now).

Agreed, I do feel that Linux is the defacto standard, because a lot people use a rPi, a NAS, docker or a Linux server to run OpenHAB and those combined probably make the majority. So you see more examples, scripts and rules based on a Linux setup. But since it’s Java it shouldn’t matter that much.