Does OpenHAB free


Does OpenHAB totally free?
Or there is paid features. I didn’t understand if it is free or there is trial free version only.
thank you

Hi @suzan

Welcome to openHAB community. openHAB is done by and for the community and it is positioned to be free and totally open. I hope this helps.

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Thank you, yes I got what I want to know :grinning:

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Thanks. Please mark thread as solved. Good luck with openhab, its good platform.


I just want to provide a little more elaboration to the answer Andy provided.

openHAB is indeed free in both sense of the word (free as in “free beer!” and free as in “freedom”). The software and the source code is freely available for you to use or modify in any way you desire )(within the restrictions of the open source license). There are no paid features. All development, documentation, and support here on the forum is done by volunteers.

The openHAB Foundation is a non-profit organization in Germany which hosts services that the openHAB project can use including:

  • this forum
  • the build system used by OH
  • the service that lets you access your openHAB server remotely without modifying your home network

All of these services are also offered for free to the community. Those who desire to support the project financially can contribute money to the openHAB Foundation. If you are in Germany, it’s a tax write off I believe.


Yes it is. The foundation sends out simplified donation receipts to all donators and members located in Germany, normally first half of January.

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