Does openHab support this

Hi there, some Days ago i get a Tahoma Switch to control our shutters. This works fine.
But today i come home from work and see, that the Tahoma switch’ LED was red. So this meas, there is no Internet connection. But this wasn’t the Problem because all other devices work very well.
Then i began to read and found this: if the somfy server are offline/down/maintanace i can’t control my shutters (and all other devices i add to this) because the tahoma switch can’t conect to the server and (don’t know why this has to be).
So i will send this crap back to somfy.
My question is: could i controll my shutters from Somfy (rts) with openhab and what devices do i need to control? I hope that openhab will store all on MY local server.

Thanks and regards

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