Does the Alexa skill work with openhab 3?

Hi, I searched for alexa discovery issues, but everything is from OH2 or 2.5, so I’m not sure if this is the same.

I followed the extremely brief tutorial from the link, and basically did the following:
In OH3 settings, went to misc and added the openhab cloud add-on. I checked the add-on and it has the correct URL for

Went to, and created an account, added the two keys from files on my local machine. The .org site now says “your openhab is online”, but if I click to view it, that page is just entirely blank. Also when I try via the alexa app on my phone, I have the openhab skill installed (which is a year old), and it doesn’t discover any of the switches or lights on my openhab setup.

Any help or guidance for OH3 would be appreciated, as I can’t seem to get a single device to show or work. Thanks.

Hello Jon,

Note some major updates of were underway around the time you posted this, and could be related to your problem! I’d suggest give it a little time and try again…

Best regards,

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Thanks for the reply. I just deleted the skill, and reinstalled it, gave it permissions etc., and tried discovery again, and it found 0 devices…

Followed the instructions to the letter, and did not work. Any ideas?

@Jon_A - I’m currently not using this addon until after I’ve completed my full migration to openHAB 3.x; do not have any hands on experience with this yet…

Just some thoughts off the top of my head - I would double check that your items are included in your Model, and you went through adding the Amazon Alexa metatags for those items within the Model you want to control. Based on your mention of following the ‘instructions to the letter’, I’m guessing you already have looked at this though.

Otherwise - is anyone else able to help Jon out here with some pointers?

All the best,

Hi all just a quick followup for anyone that has issues in the future. I ended up deleting all my cache, deleting the alexa skill, rebooting, then on my phone deleted the openhab skill, and the alexa app, rebooted.

Reinstalled all of it on the PC and phone, and added metadata to devices again. Did a scan on the phone, and boom, 20 devices found instantly.

The only other question is what I should use for status of reading a power number, which metadata item to choose?
I have two items, one is a power outlet Watt scanner for a washing machine, and the other is Watt meter on the house main power box. What metadata type should these be just to read them, but not control anything?


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