Does the ecobee binding allow you to control the accessory device?

I purchased an Ecobee 4 and I’m hoping to use it to control furnace, A/C and HRV. My primary question is around the HRV control. My HRV is a simple on/off device, but I’m hoping to connect it to the Ecobee and have OpenHAB control when the HRV is turned on (based on a schedule, humidity levels, outdoor temperature, etc). Is it possible to control the accessory device (turn it on/off) using the ecobee binding?

Answering my own question here. The Ecobee API (and binding) does not provide the ability to simply turn the accessory device (HRV) on or off. But it does allow you to configure the number of minutes the HRV should run per hour to refresh air in the house. So my plan is to build an OpenHAB rule that adjusts the number of minutes it runs per hour based on outdoor temperature and relative humidity.