Does the harmony binding work with the 'old' harmony ultimate hub?

See title of topic :slight_smile:
I want to buy the harmony ultimate remote with ultimate hub. Does this hub work with openhab or do I need the newer harmony hub?



It does!


I was wondering if this also applies to the Harmony Hub from the Harmony Smart Control set (

As I understand it, there are two types of Hubs: the normal one and the Home-version. But for the normal binding (reading/controlling activities and sending commands), as described here, the normal Hub would suffice?

Iā€™m aiming to do the same, as you showed in this Youtube video @digitaldan and was hoping this is possible with the Hub from the Smart Control set.


I just found this press release from Logitech. It appears as with that software update all Harmony Hubs should be the same as the Home Hub and have the same functionality.
Or am I wrong and has the Home Hub still more functionality due to an RF transmitter?


So while I have not tested all the models, Iā€™m assuming all models have the exact same API (xmpp) ands should without issue. I personally have the original hub, home and ultimate home hubs, all work identically.

Ok, thanks!