Does the Sonos binding work with the new Sonos Amp?

The new Sonos Amp isn’t mentioned in the binding documentation - does anyone know if it will work?

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Sure it does!

thanks - yes, that’s now confirmed!

Well, Sonos Amp is autodiscovered by PaperUI - but as zoneplayer. So, for me it does not work. Does the thing type AMP exist at all?

I specify it as a CONNECTAMP in my Things file, and it works just fine

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My Sonos Amp was discovered as a Zone Player as well, so it looks like a discovery problem. You may want to open an issue for it on github.

I did so ( Now they want an XML description and which channel the Amp provides and if there were differences compared to the Connect:Amp. Can you provide such information?

Ok. I added the XML description file to the issue. I’m not 100% sure what the relevant difference are between the Amp and the Connect:Amp, but I put in what I know. Others with a new model Amp may want to take a look and add their two cents.

I think the only difference (aside from power and form factor) is that the Amp has a HDMI digital audio input. The number of inputs is irrelevant to me, because the Amp will automatically switch to whichever source is playing. But for some use cases it might be important to be able to switch between them with the binding.

I’ve updated the github issue with some trace level log info. However, I don’t have a device that supports HDMI ARC to connect to the Amp for testing. If someone else on this thread does, it would be helpful if you could take a look at the issue and provide the requested info.

The PR containing an update for discovering the Amp was merged a few days ago. It also contains some changes for support of the HDMI ARC input.

There is also a PR for support of the Sonos Port in the queue. It looks like it will be merged soon. It also contains the doc update for Amp support. Thanks to @lolodomo for the quick updates!