Does Zwave binding known issue still exist in OH2 on RPi?

I’m having this known issue with OH1 (from wiki):

There seems to be an issue with the binding running on the latest oracle VM Beta, on ARM based architectures (e.g. raspberry PI). It manifests itself as messages being received multiple times and causes considerable problems with the operation of the binding. In large networks, the queue can get extremely long, which can delay initialisation considerably and cause potentially long delays in sending messages. Some time has been spent investigating this issue and a solution has not been found - the issue doesn’t appear to be with the binding itself as the problem doesn’t manifest itself on an other platform. If anyone with the hardware and programming experience can help with this it would be useful (add information to

Does OH2 resolve this or is this persistent on that version too?

I doubt this is fixed in OH2 on an RPi1 since the issue is likely to be with the serial driver and not openhab.

I’m using a RPi3 with the original Zstick. I just got a Zstick Gen5 and will be trying that this weekend. I’m seeing the delayed response time as well as missing some thermostat set point commands (the tstat does not change the value and it appears to not try to resend them).

The stick I have seems problematic as I see it marked as dead at times and I have to reboot to get things moving again. It’s very old so perhaps it is just failing and the Gen5 will improve things.

I don’t think the problem exists for the RPi 2 or 3, so you should be ok. The Gen5 sticks should help with timeouts as they have better range.