Dome lux sensor gets "stuck" at 1 lux

I have a few Dome 4-1 motion sensors and I’ve noticed that the two that I use for lux changes have a habit to getting “stuck” at 1 lux, even when their respective areas are completely dark. I have do a reset on them when this happens to get them working again. It is the case that the ambient light in those areas degrades pretty slowly as the sun sets, so I’m sure the subtle changes may not be picked up readily, but when things go back, I’d expect the sensor to pick that up. I’m running OH 2.5 release on an RPi4.
Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? You may have defective devices.

I dropped them a support message about a week ago, with no reply. I’ve come up with a work around in the short term. I’ve found that when the dome “should” be reporting zero, I can postUpdate to it and force it to zero. Its all rather subjective as to when that should happen, but so far, it seems to work OK.
Thanks again.