DONEXON VARMO TZ ECO alias Eurotronics Spirit


I just added a new heating controller “DONEXON VARMO TZ eco” for Z-WAVE in OH3.4.

But it is integrated as a heating controller from Eurotronics CometZ in OH3.4!

Lt. but according to the descriptions it is a 1:1 clone of the Eurotronics Spirit.

What do I have to adjust in the Z-Wave database so that it will be recognized as a Eutotronics Spirit in the future?

Do I only have to remove the deviceType:deviceID 0003:0004 for the Eurotronic CometZ, because this identifier is also entered for the Eurotronics Spirit so that it is recognized as a Spirit, or am I completely on the wrong track here?

Or is it better to create the new manufacturer and type from scratch in the database?

Looking at the history there has been recent changes to the CometZ. In the April 21 DB update the 0003:0004 TYPE:ID was added to the Comet. I’m surprised this passed review as I thought there was a check on duplicate numbers for the same manufacturer. However, it did and was included in the 3.4.4 patch release (and 4.0M2). (It was not included in the 3.4.3 and earlier versions.) I suspect the inclusion process just grabs the first device that matches

The plot thickens; there is an unmerged PR #1870 that sets a cap on the Comet version (with 0003:0004) at 10.254. Out of curiosity what does the UI show as version for your device? If 11.+ that should fix the problem for you because there will only be 1 0003:0004 with a version above 10.254.

The subsequent problem is that merge will be for a 4.0 milestone. I’m not sure when (or if) there will be another 3.4 patch release). One option (if on ver11) would be to download the CometZ “capped” xml and modify your zwave binding.

Thanks for the help and explanations.

0.16 is shown as the version on me, the same version as on the Eurotronics Spirit.

If we now change the version of Eurotronics CometZ to 11+, then the actual Eurotronics CometZ that other users want to integrate will no longer be integrated correctly, or am I seeing it wrong?

Actually, the entry 0003:0004 TYPE:ID should be removed from the Eurotronics Spirit?

That seems a little unusual. Mostly that number is at least 1.x
However, that complicates the situation as there are duplicates with that version. I don’t know if the Zwave DB captures the ID of the person making the change (@chris)? It would be helpful to contact the person who added the 0003:0004 to the CometZ for the April 21 update. I think the solution would be remove that pair from the CometZ, but don’t want to cause an issue since it was just added.

Not sure I understand. There are now 2 Cometz entries (<10.256 & >11.0). The >11.0 version shows 0004:0003. That leads me to speculate that (assuming this is all one person making changes) that the 0003:0004 on the version <10.256 was transposed by accident and they needed create a new device to get what they wanted. A quick discussion with the author would help before deleting the 0003:0004 from the Comet (<10.256)

Again I’m not following. This is needed to get what you asked here.

Based on the manual you provided the Spirit has 8 adjustable parameters and the CometZ (<10.256) has none.

Sorry, I made a mistake, of course I meant that 0003:0004 Type:ID should be removed from the Eurotronics CometZ.

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