Door and window contact hardware - what's the best to use?

Hi All,

I’m looking to purchase some door and window contacts to detect position and capture stare on openHAB.
In terms of hardware (contact) what would you propose to use ? Is there any particular type worth looking at and is there anything that I should avoid ?
Currently running openHAB on RPI3.

If you don’t mind running a little wire some N/O or N/C switches will work. I use reed (magnetic) switches similar to what home security company’s install. They come in several shapes and sizes, just do a quick google search, see if something like this will work for your situation. This type switch can be connected to the RPI GPIO pins, or Esp2866 GPIO’s, just make sure to use shielded twisted pair wire. If your making a very long run (15+meters) I suggest using a decoupling capacitor, sized around 10uF, learned this the hard way.:neutral_face:

Xiaomi have a very neat solution and have native support in OH.
You’ll have need a gateway and a switch to start.

Evening. Thank you for responses.
I had a look online for reed sensors , the one I seen on ebay is 110V. Would you be able to drop me link with the type you are using please ? I could run cables around home this is an option. Then it will require connecting to RPI via GPIO. So far I only used some wifi units , like Sonoff for lighting so will need to play with GPIO first. Just trying to think what’s the disadvantage of using Wifi contact? I think they’re powered by battery ? This would need any wiring but not sure how reliable would that be.

Xiaomi - I heard about this brand, apparantely very popular in China and in Europe at the moment. What’s the model of this Xiaomi contact you are referring to please?

The thin Z-wave sensors from Sensative is also an option. Not particularly cheap though. Embedded long-lasting battery.

These ones

I’m testing some Vision window/door sensors and they seem to be fine. They support an external reed switch through a screw-terminals.

The Sensative thin sensors are interesting, but they use an integrated battery, so replacement isn’t possible. Ten-year life though!

Thanks to All for the information , every sugestiom looks Good. Sensitive product is great but price is high. I probably will play with some magnetic sensors for start. But Wifi option will be the best as there is no wiring required.

Are you sure? I have several and they all turn off after some hours, and I have to reset them to get them back online. Although it might be necessary to have the hub when you buy these