Door bell with camera?

Hi there,

I need something like that:

  • dual door bell (2 apartments)
  • camera
  • openhab integration (or direct or indirect via mqtt/whatever)
  • accessible camera stream (so I can use my phone to check)

Does something like this exist? I guess the dual bell option makes it difficult.

Another option would be to use a normal bell that triggers a signal, add a separate camera and
if a signal is received, open the camera app.

Can anyone suggest something that lets me do this?

Model D2102V (and maybe some others) have dual door bell.

Depending on how much you like to spend the IP Vario Com cameras from 2n may provide what you are looking for (and much much more).

  • REST Interface
  • Camera with accessibe stream
  • IP Telephonie
  • Various options on how many appartments you want to connect.

It is a professional solution, so price tag is high. judging from your second option this might be out of scope so.

There is no official binding (sigh…), but with the REST Interface you may be able to integrate it.

Those look very nice - but are very expensive :confused:
I think I will then rather use a raspberry pi/ip camera that is triggered by the bell.